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Learn about the Tools of a Ninja
Practice Ninjutsu
Ninja History

This online experience is hosted by one of Japan`s most famous ninjas. In this experience you will enjoy learning with one of the few remaining masters of the art of Ninjutsu. This program is held in the city of Odawara, home to the Fuma Ninja Clan that served the Hojo family during the Sengoku period of Japanese history.


In this experience you will be guided through the history of the ninja, shown actual ninja tools, be lead through mental and physical training, all with explanation and historical background to tie into the Fuma Ninja. This in an online streamed journey to share the history, culture, and knowledge of the ninja. We hope to share the ancient secrets of the ninja to enrich your lives; physically, spiritually, and mentally.


The online experience title is "Secrets of the Ninja." Speaking of ninja, you may imagine jumping, throwing ninja stars, or fighting, but the reality is quite different. Acting as spies during Japan's samurai era, they were known for their intellect and problem solving skills. In this 45 minute journey, you will enjoy and learn about the aspects of peaceful mindfulness of the ninja and Japanese in different stages, dealing with different aspects of the ninja:


Hi! I'm Jinkawa, a professional ninja born and raised in Japan. Over the last eight years, I have welcomed more than 4,000 guests to my owned ninja experience program. Also since 2016, I have been representing as the official ninja advisor for Odawara Tourism Board, which is in one of the Japan's top historical castle towns, the closest to Tokyo. In this online experience, I will share with you the unique tips of ninjutsu (ninja skills) that you can apply for your everyday life. No prior knowledge is required. Please join us in a relaxed atmosphere to learn more about the history, training, and mentality of the mysterious ninja.


This event is a part of the efforts of Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Japan to promote and connect with people abroad. This experience will be held 10 times over the next few months with dates to be determined. The experience will be hosted in both Japanese and English. After making a reservation the information will be sent to your registered e-mail for access to the live event in a Facebook group. A translator will also be present to ensure smooth communication and an enjoyable time. This is a chance to learn more about Japanese culture, history, and meet other like minded folk from around the world. We look forward to meeting you and please feel free to contact us through FB or e-mail with any questions or comments.
The course is ¥1500 (approx $14.00). Credit card payment is encrypted and integrated with trusted provider Stripe. Listed times are for Japan (we have chosen these times for the convenience of participants in Europe, the Americas, and ANZ).